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"The Lulla Doll by Roro caused a social media sensation when she first appeared on the scene, and for good reason. Parents swear this soft, sweet little doll has the magic touch when it comes to baby sleep issues. "
11 baby sleep gadgets to try if you're feeling really tired and desperate
Mashable - October 12, 2018
"These gentle noises can help youngsters of all ages relax and sleep, whether the child in question is a premature baby in a hospital incubator or a toddler trying to settle herself down at night."
My 5-month-old tried the $69 Lulla Doll sleep companion for babies — and as a result, I'm sleeping better too
Business Insider - September 25, 2018
"Parents are wild about the Lulla Doll—so much so that the first run sold out within two weeks of release."
Lulla Doll is back in stock and helps your baby (and you) sleep better
Mashable - January 10, 2018
"When it's Kai's bedtime, I ask him if he wants El (Lulla doll) to go to sleep, and he nods, smiling. He puts his little arms around her, hugs her, and drifts off to sleep. It has fast become his lovey. We are very careful with Kai's Lulla Doll, since he has such affection for her."
My Toddler Tried The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion, & It Really Helped His Naps
Romper - March 13, 2018
"Sempre sold out da due anni, aiuta i bambini (e i genitori) a dormire di più e meglio"
Lulla, la bambola che fa dormire i bambini. E quindi è introvabile
Corriere della Sella - December 15, 2017
" RoRo has been trying to keep up with demand and has grown 2,400%. The doll has recently come back in stock in time for the holidays, which hopefully means that some new parents will be getting the gift of sleep this Christmas."
This doll gives new parents the gift of sleep
Fast Company - December 14, 2017
"What makes the Lulla Doll such a hot item? It is built to help babies and young children sleep better. Developed over the course of three years with input from doctors, nurses, psychologists, midwives, engineers, and baby testers, the Lulla Doll is designed to help children fall asleep. "
How To Get The Cult Favorite Lulla Doll
Romper - November 02, 2017
"A doll designed by an Icelandic mum to help kids fall asleep has seen sales sky-rocket. The super-soft ‘Lulla doll’ stimulates the sounds of a mothers breathing and heartbeat, which is reported to help children sleep for longer. "
Lulla Doll: The Toy That Helps Babies Sleep, Which Parents Are Desperate To Buy
Huffington Post - August 03, 2016
"“Ridiculously high bids for ‘sleep doll’ prove how damn desperate parents are for sleep,” the headline screamed. “This doll might make your infant sleep, but it might come at a cost.” Turns out sleep-deprived parents around the globe had heard about this magical product, the Lulla doll, and bought them all."
Does the Lulla doll help babies sleep better? A mom tries the viral sensation
Today - August 12, 2016
"It’s no secret that parents have been fantasizing about their babies sleeping through the night since the dawn of time. Thanks to the Lulla doll, your deepest, darkest fantasy may actually become a reality."
Lulla doll may be the secret to helping babies sleep through the night
Babble - July 26, 2016
"Naturally, parents are freaking out about this magical doll. The first 5,000 sold out immediately, and demand has only grown from there: One eBay bidding war pushed a single Lulla Doll's price up to $350"
The Amount Parents Are Willing to Pay for This Magical Sleeping Doll Is Insane
Good Housekeeping - July 26, 2016
"You can’t put a price on sleep! The Lulla Doll — designed to soothe fussy babies at bedtime, parents are bidding up to $350 for the sold-out toy on eBay"
Why Parents are Paying $350 for the $71 Lulla Doll
US Weekly - July 26, 2016
"There’s a new weapon in the never ending quest to help babies sleep and settle well – and her name is Lulla."
Better sleep for babies with the comforting Lulla doll
Babyology - November 30, 2014
"Created in the land of the midnight sun (and fire!) by Eyrun Eggertsdottir, whom wanted all babies to benefit from the positive effects of closeness."
The Little Doll That Imitates Closeness With Real Life Breathing And A Heartbeat
Bored Panda - November 10, 2014
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