Lulla doll multi-awarded in 2019

Lulla doll multi-awarded in 2019

All the recognition Lulla doll has received this year shows us that there are so many reasons for parents to use the product for their child. Lulla doll is:

- The best sleep aid
- The best innovative gift for babies
- A beautiful design
- An intelligent device and a great ingenuity


New Lulla doll on the market in 2019

In Mars 2019 we announced that a new and improved Lulla doll was available for pre-order.

The Lulla doll is a sleep companion for preemies, babies and toddlers. It imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest with its soft feel and real-life sounds of breathing and heartbeat.

The new upgrades include:

- 12 hours playtime (8 hours before)
- Longer battery duration⁣
- Adjustable volume⁣
- Three different colors⁣ (only one version before)
- Even softer and more durable fabric⁣
- Embroidered details⁣

New sound unit Lulla doll

The original Lulla doll is multi-awarded and the new version was shortlisted for a number of awards just after it was released. We knew we had released the best sleep aid on the market, but it was great to get the affirmation from both parents and professionals in the field.

We waited excited to hear how the final results would be, after being shortlisted for 5 different awards.

BMM & CCM Awards 2019

2nd year in a row the Lulla doll received awards from both Baby Maternity Magazine (BMM) and Creative Child Magazine (CCM). We were very happy to hear that the doll was still the Top Choice!

Lulla doll is the best gift for baby

Lulla doll was in 2019 chosen the:

- Top Choice at Baby Maternity Magazine - Baby Dolls category
- Top Toy of the year at Creative Child Magazine - Baby Sleep Dolls category

The awards were given for the new and improved Lulla doll collection.

LBP Awards 2019

We at RoRo strive to help parents with their difficult role and be the best support for them as we can. The relationship between us and the Lulla doll users is imperative for us to improve even further and develop the products needed for the wellbeing of young children. But also for us to get a confirmation that Lulla doll is indeed still considered the best sleep aid by parents and knowing that gives us so much joy and energy doing our work.

It’s very important for us to hear that parents love the Lulla doll and this year (2019) the doll once again won a couple of Loved By Parents Awards!

Lulla doll is the best baby doll

Lulla doll won platinum awards for:

- Best Sleep Aid
- Best Innovative Gift

We made sure that our users and followers knew how much we appreciated all the support and the votes our product received. We really do appreciate all the love for the Lulla doll.

Junior Design Awards 2019

This year we also made the shortlist for the Junior Design Awards,  in the Best Toy Design 0-2 Years category.

The Lulla doll is a beautiful Icelandic design, by Eyrun, the founder of RoRo and the person behind this great ingenuity. It has been rewarded as a design product both in Iceland, where we are located, and abroad in the recent years. 

Lulla doll is an awarded Icelandic design

The doll was shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards when it was a totally new product in 2014 and we were very happy to hear that the new and improved Lulla doll was also shortlisted in 2019, giving Lulla doll 5 years of design excellence.

Kind + Jugend 2019 - Connected Kidsroom

Lulla doll at Connected Kidsroom Kind und Jugend 2019

The Lulla doll was chosen to be placed at the Connected Kidsroom at K+J this year, which shows the networking of intelligent devices and their benefits. We are very proud of that! We know that a lot of people visited the CK booth and discovered our great product there. The setup also showed well how all the great products at the booth worked together.


Lulla doll is the best sleep aid

Lulla doll has helped thousands of children

✔️Falling asleep
✔️Staying asleep
✔️Sleeping in their own bed
✔️ Comfort on the go

and so much more…

The Lulla doll is a multi-awarded baby sleep aid suitable from birth and beyond. It imitates closeness with its soft feel and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep and wellbeing.

Gentle and soothing solution based on mother nature. Integrate Lulla doll into your baby’s sleep routine and use it for comfort on the go. For babies under a year old, place the Lulla doll outside of the sleep area. The natural sounds will soothe your baby and bring the comforting feeling of co-sleeping. Older children love to cuddle and bond with Lulla. Iit has helped thousands with sleep related challenges and to reduce anxiety and give comfort.

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